Monday, August 24, 2020

Daddy's Girl (the blog)



Click HERE to watch Kasey & Harrison’s reel

Kasey (pictured above in her Daddy's arms) was married on August 22, 2020 at Burlington Weddings & Events to her long-time sweetheart, Harrison Baker.

We spoke with Kasey on the phone the week before her wedding. Before any wedding, we have a consultation discussing our famous "Tips for Good Wedding Film" that we have compiled over 200+ weddings. During the conversation, we find out the couple's musical taste and ask what aspects of our videos they like best. Kasey was very excited about capturing her big day and had a few thoughts and questions regarding videography, but she was adamant that we use our creativity and do what we think is best.

Occasionally, a bride or groom has a specific idea in their head as to what their video should be like. While we try to deliver on their concept, we generally advise our clients to detach themselves from any result and focus on enjoying their day. 

We honor requests and use specific songs that couples request all of the time, but each wedding is unique and we never know how it's gonna look on film until it is done. Some songs may be long-time favorites of a couple, but just because a song is well-loved, that does not mean it will lend itself to being a good music video. Additionally, the song selected may not match the tone of the wedding.

We planned in advance to interview Kasey and Harrison separately for a few minutes, so they set aside the time for that in advance on their wedding day schedule. We had no idea what they would say. We had no clue Kasey would talk about her parents, Brian and Shanna Johnson. We did not know she would cry. We did not know what kind of reaction her father would have when he saw Kasey for the first time later that day. We had no idea how close their family was and how they would react. We had no idea how moving her father's speech would be (the planner, the DJ, the photographers and both of us from Reagan Studios all cried). And no one except the DJ knew about their special father-daughter dance.

My point is that we could not have planned THIS VIDEO in advance. Nonetheless, it happened. The family trusted we would deliver cinematography that would capture the feel of the day. But none of us knew the form it would take. Fortunately, they hired us way in advance, hired a brilliant wedding planner, and gave us room to be creative and let the day unfold in our editing software naturally.

Couples that hire Reagan Studios to film their weddings are typically pretty serious about wanting videography. Occasionally, a couple will even set their wedding date partially around when we are available. Eighteen months in advance, or soon as a couple is engaged, is typical for Reagan Studios. Kasey's mom first contacted Reagan Studios on November 12, 2015 via Facebook Messenger. She had seen some of our work on FB and wrote, "Your work is off the chart. I have told my husband and daughters you will be the FIRST call made, once they are engaged."

For many couples in the wedding planning process, videography is not a priority and we get calls from couples all the time a few months before their wedding saying they have re-thought it, and they want videography now. Unfortunately, we are typically sold out by that time.

Not every wedding day goes as planned. Sometimes it rains, sometimes relatives cannot attend, sometimes the unplanned happens. But my partner, Collins, and I have found that if a family trusts us to do what we do best, they will be pleased with the results.

Keith Collins Reagan, Sr.

P.S. You might not know it from this wedding highlight reel, but Kacey & Harrison's wedding had an EPIC reception. To view their party video, click HERE.