Friday, September 25, 2020


SPOILER ALERT. Watch this video HERE to see it all before reading about it. SPOILER ALERT.

On April 20, 2020, Reagan Studios filmed the private elopement of Dan Hobby and Katie King. The ceremony, with just a few attendees from both families was held on a small beach at a friend's house in Grafton, Virginia. Click HERE to see the video from the elopement.

Dan and Katie set aside September 19, 2020 as a time to have a larger ceremony in hopes that the Coronavirus restrictions would be lifted. They booked a beachfront home in the Outer Banks and invited their guests.

Five months after the elopement, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Hobbys greeted their guests on a cloudy windy day. In fact, it was too windy to use the beachfront. Consequently, they set up a tent in the backyard by the pool.

When it was time for the ceremony, it started out like any other outdoor wedding: the mothers entered first, followed by Dan and his groomsmen, then the bridesmaids, and finally the bride accompanied by her father. But once Mr. King "gave away" his daughter again, the similarity to a traditional wedding ended.

Dan turned around and grabbed a poster from behind a barrel. When Katie and Dan unrolled it, a blown-up ultrasound poster revealed the photo of a baby! Even the best man was surprised and gave Dan a little pat on the rear to signal "atta-boy."

Just as suddenly as the ceremony began, it ended as Katie and Dan walked away saluting and high-fiving the crowd. 

But the surprises were not over. Minutes later, when everyone left the tent and gathered around the pool, a plane flew overhead with a sign announcing that it was a BOY. Not even Dan and Katie had known the gender as their nurse had called the pilot directly with the information.

The rest of the evening included dancing and cake-cutting. Dan's friends took it upon themselves to throw Dan in the pool. And two sisters (cousins of Katie's) had a cupcake fight.

Reagan Studios has never filmed anything like this and it was amazing. Click HERE to see it all.

Just when we thought we were done, we received a call from Katie's sister the next day asking if we were still in town. Shannon explained that a gentlemen named Patrick was going to ask her cousin, (and one the the bridesmaids) Andie, to marry him. We hustled down to the beach under the guise that we would be taking family photos since everyone was in town for the wedding. To see how the engagement unfolded, click HERE.

We were honored to be a part of such a special weekend. Congrats to Dan + Katie, and Patrick + Andie. And cheers to baby Liam's arrival next March 2021.

See the elopement video:
See the baby announcement and gender reveal:
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All videos produced by Reagan Studios.