Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Four weddings. One Family.

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I filmed the wedding of Brittany and Nick Penatzer on May 25, 2013. I had no idea was I was getting into at that time. It turned out to be the beginning of my longest-running wedding family - I have filmed these people FOUR times!

Brittany and Nick's ceremony and reception were held at Virginia Crossings in Glen Allen, Va. and this was one week before I filmed what would become my most famous highlight reel at the Schreiber/Evans wedding. Right away, I knew something was different; I could not tell who was family and who was a friend and I did not get a better handle on that until four years later.

Nick's cute little sister was all grown up and getting married by 2017. I was honored that they asked if I was available. Savannah and Foster tied the knot on a rainy day at Independence Golf and Country Club. This was my second time with this group, so I sorta knew what to expect. If you lived in California and were having a party that had to be a success because the Hollywood Reporter was going to be there, you could hire this group of people to attend, and the journalist would report the next day that you had the best party ever.

Fast forward one more year and we've got two more weddings scheduled for this group: Sarah & Dillon in June and Melanie & Kevin in July. Sarah married Dillon on a hot day at Alturia Farm. Melanie and Kevin chose a mountainside wedding at The Market at Grelen.

While all four weddings were different, they had one important element in common: the receptions rocked! This crowd knows how to party. Three out of four receptions used DJ Diesel. He has a spectacular light show and I appreciate how it makes our videos look.

There are a few more single members connected with this group so we hope to film them again. In the meantime, here is a mashup of reception footage from the four weddings put to a song by Family Force Five that helps illustrate the energy of this crowd.

Not everyone was able to attend all four weddings, but their faces will become more familiar as you watch THIS VIDEO.

You will notice this couple a lot: 
That's Jen and Josh Adams. He was a groomsman in Nick's wedding. Josh and Dillon Adams are brothers. And Dillon was one of Kevin's groomsmen. Both Josh and Dillon were groomsmen for Foster. And Foster married Nick's sister, Savannah. Got it? 

Nick's and Savannah's mom, Lisa, and the Adams boys' mom, Robin, were best friends until Robin's untimely death in 2015. She's in the middle of the photo below (dark hair, white dress):

When Dillon got married he placed a photo of his mother in the seat where she would have been:

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